About Us

Dedicated to your relief and recovery.


COR Injury Centers was established to provide patients with industry leading medical facilities specializing in the complete diagnosis and treatment of auto accident related injuries.

We understand how devastating an auto accident can be and the sudden, unexpected life-changing events that can follow if you are injured. Our licensed doctors and highly trained staff are committed to properly diagnosing and treating your auto accident related injuries, so you can return to living your normal life and performing your daily activities.

Dedicated to your relief and recovery, we have convenient locations throughout South and Central Florida with representatives available 7 days a week to assist you. We offer door to door transportation and flexible scheduling for your convenience.

COR Injury Centers, Inc. receives medical referrals from The NO-FAULT Group (305-NO-FAULT, Inc.) who markets their services. The NO-FAULT Group (305-NO-FAULT, Inc.) is a free attorney and medical referral service. Participating attorneys and COR Injury Centers, Inc. pay a fee.